Calling Card For Success© Program


Our Four Keys to Success

Educational enrichment

AFC provides tutoring utilizing a blended online format to enhance the opportunity to acquire a GED or a high school diploma and compete for post secondary opportunities.

Our educational enrichment component includes full-time online and blended  programs; AP, remediation and credit recovery courses; personalized educational summative, formative and adaptive assessments for total student engagement; individual learning and lesson plans; correlated curriculums that are aligned to state and national standards; tests and reports to ensure that learning and benchmark goals are met; storing data for reporting to assure that students are within Lexile and Quantile national norms or above; 6 world-language courses needed to become college and career ready and  automated tracking system for reporting individual and aggregated data.


life-skills exposure

AFC provides critical interpersonal skills and techniques needed to achieve personal success through our activities, exercises and trips.

Our life-skills component focuses on:
Listening & communication skills;
Time management;
Anger management;
Goal setting;
Mentoring ;
and more.


career development

AFC provides the necessary skill set to seek careers to secure personal and financial success. Our comprehensive programs offer college readiness, financial literary and career exposure.

Our career development component helps students understand the correlation of lessons learned to entering job markets by utilizing well-known online curriculums.


Dare 2B Different

AFC provides an internship program to engage with corporations allowing young adults to experience a variety of career options.